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Key Process Issue Fields

The following describes the key fields within a process issue.

The following describes key fields found in a process issue:

  • Date Created: When the Process Issue was created.
  • ID: This is automatically assigned by the system.
  • Name: Whatever you choose to name the Process Issue.
  • Parent Issue: This is used to group issues together.
  • Owner: Whoever created the Process Issue.
  • Severity: Determines how critical the Process Issue is.
  • Issue Description: Describes the nature of the issue.
  • Process: Assigns the issue to a process.
  • Customizations: Objects that you are planning on changing.
  • Status: What state the issue is in.
  • Approver: The person who is required to approve the process issue.
  • Change Control Level Required: This is based on the process and customization change level required for the change to be compliant.
  • External Ticket Number: Reference number for other ticketing systems.
  • External Ticket Link: Systems that you can link to (Ex: Jira)
  • Approval Status: Shows whether the change has been approved.

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