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Create a Change Request in NetSuite, Add Customizations to the Jira Ticket and Sync

After you connect from step 2, it will show under Synchronized with the account you have logged into from NetSuite. (This is found beside the Change Account button.)

Once logged in, if the change request has not been created in NetSuite it will show under Change Request that it is Not Synced with Strongpoint. If the change request has been created in NetSuite it will show the status and will have a link to the change request record.

First create the change request in NetSuite to sync with Jira

To create the change request in NetSuite:

  1. Click on Update/Create.

You will now see under Change Request a link to the new change request in NetSuite Go to record. The name of the change request will be the same as the Jira ticket.

Second add customizations to your Jira ticket

To add customizations:

  1. Add a description (including your customizations) to the Jira ticket and/or add the Affected Bundle Id number.
  2. Click on Update/Create. The customizations that you added to the description and/or under the affected bundle Id will be added to the change request in NetSuite. If the customizations are not found on the backend they will be added to proposed customizations.


You can also add customizations by clicking on the + icon. This will automatically update the change request.

Now, when you go into the change request in NetSuite, it will show you all the customizations that were added from the description, affected bundle id and the customizations that have been added by using the + icon in Jira. Customizations are divided into existing and proposed. The change request Completion Status will be set to Not Started and the Status will be set to Pending Approval. You can return to Jira at anytime by clicking on the External Link.

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