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Approve the Change Request

Once you have conducted whatever research is required prior to making the change, you can approve the Change Request, this will open the window of change in Production.

To begin the approval process:

  1. Go to the Approval section on the Change Request.
  2. Under Approval Status, set it to Pending Approval.

  1. Save the Change Request. 

The Approvers will be populated from the Strongpoint Change/Approval Policy:

  1. The next approver in the sequence will receive an email alert. When they go to the change request, there will be an Approve button at the top that they can click on to approve.
  2. Once all the changes have been approved, the Approval Status will change to Approved, which will open the window to enable compliant changes.
Note: Once the Change Request is approved, you cannot change the customizations attached to the Change Request.
Note:  Admins can override the approval and manually set the Approval Status to Approved to enable compliant changes if required. This override will be recorded in the Change Request System Notes, Approval Override Reports, and an alert will be sent.
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