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Strongpoint License Manager Functions

The following lists the Strongpoint license manager functions.

The top portion of the License Manager has the following functionality:

  • Get License Key Button: If you have changed aspects of your license (i.e. renewal, adding seats, and adding modules) and they have been processed, you can click this button to automatically retrieve your new License Key to update your license.
  • Information about the record itself such as when it was created, when it was last modified and who owns it.
  • Full License Start: The date when the current subscription began.
  • Full License End: The end date of the current subscription.
  • Full License Count: The number of full licenses that are active in your account.
  • License Key: Provides you access to Strongpoint functionality. This is the only editable field at the top of the License Manager.
  • Licensed Modules: This names the modules that are active in your account. These modules include:
    • Base: includes customization and process documentation.
    • Script Management: tracks script performance metrics.
    • Compliance: Strongpoint’s Advanced Change Management module enables active tracking of customizations as well as customization change impact analysis.
  • Edition: The NetSuite Edition you are using.
  • Subsidiaries: The number of operating subsidiaries you have in your OneWorld account. Strongpoint does not count subsidiaries that are only used for financial transactions or an elimination subsidiary

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