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Version 4.2

This page documents FLODocs Version 4.2 release notes that include fixes and application improvements.

Scanner Efficiency Enhancements

FLODocs must strike a balance between striving for completeness and optimizing performance.  Our engineers have made some major breakthroughs in the last few months in leveraging some new APIs and optimizing some of our older work to reduce the need for the auto-spider portlet for most changes, including all the most critical changes.

  • Most Spiders now run efficiently in the background without any requirement for the user to be logged in. This means less user intervention when trying to detect new customizations, allowing the user to let the spider run with a hands-free approach. Customization types supported by the updated scheduled Spider are:
    • User Role
    • Script Deployments
    • Workflows
    • Searches
    • Fields
    • Scripts
    • Custom List
    • Setup Preferences
    • Custom Records
    • Custom Record Fields
    • Custom Records Forms
    • Accounting Lists
    • Account Features
    • Custom Report
  • Spiders now document both the Plugin Type and the Plugin Implementation.

Other Improvements

  • Environment Compare has been optimized to better handle large volume customizations. This enhancement is part of our commitment to enterprise level performance, without limits to the scalability of our product.
  • SpiderNow lets the user know in the case of customizations selected in a change request requiring administrator access. This prevents a user reviewing incomplete information without knowing that information has been limited based on access.
  • The record types selection in the ERD are sorted alphabetically in order to quickly search/find the record types.


  • Inactive customizations remain associated and visible with an approved Change Request to support traceability requirements.
  • Selecting Custom Report Record Type in the Manual Spider now shows the number of records processed, allowing for faster validation.
  • The Environment Compare tool supports new Netsuite data centers for all type of netsuite accounts.   

For more information, please contact your Account Manager, Paula Steinhauer at

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