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Version 4.0.X

In FLODocs Version 4.0.X, we have included new features, improvements, fixes and removals.

New Features

  • FLO Customization ERD View: A new button has been added at the FLO customization level to use the ERD view from its root level to navigate relationships.


  • Script File Size: The file size can now be tracked for script files in a new field.
  • Script Hash: A new field has been developed with hash representation of script contents and metadata, which can be used in change monitoring.
  • Similar Reports/Saved Searches: Within the FLODocs Clean Up tool, reports or saved searches with the same set of result columns, can now be shown as potential duplicates.
  • Copying Customizations from a Process Issue to a Change Request: When creating a change request from a process issue, now all customizations within are also added into the new change request.
  • Compliant Change Logs Status: The status for compliant change logs is now automatically set to “Closed.”
  • Custom Reports: Tighter control of Spider execution times was added to prevent timeouts on accounts with heavy amounts of custom reports.
  • Environment Comparison: Different FLODocs version between Sandbox and Production will no longer show “Not Existing in Target/Source” in results due to different naming of FLO customization records. (When sandboxes are not updated to the versions that include the type after the name.) They now show up only as different names and can be completely resolved by updating the associated sandbox.
  • Non-Compliant Column: The column now shows “Compliant/Non-Compliant” values for each row in Changes Without Bundles and Changes With Bundles reports.
  • Change Requests: The order of subtabs has been changed to the following below.
    • Related Records
    • Impact Analysis
    • Deployment
    • Deployment Validation


  • FLO Library Script Files: Files are now related to the bundles they belong to. Recurring change logs that were generated are now no longer created.
  • Change Logs: Deleted change logs are now attached to their corresponding opened Change Requests and properly flagged as compliant changes.
  • Custom Reports: Record links in custom reports are now fixed and date last used is populated.
  • Optimized Make Join for Re-Spider Now: Improvements have been made to avoid timeouts during this process.
  • Trigger Type Fixed for Workflows: The field now displays whether the workflow is set to be triggered by a schedule or a user event action.
  • Environment Comparison:
    • The Display Non-Material Changes Results is now unchecked by default.
    • When the Source column is left blank, the environment comparison now automatically uses the same values for target and source.
    • The Name field has been moved into the first section and Target and Source fields are now found under the Basic subtab.
    • Include Children checkbox has been moved under the Quick Add option.
    • Field Help has been added to all fields.
  • Status Report: The number of remaining objects to be joined is now included in the Status Report.


The following fields, links and options were removed since they were no longer used and to improve FLODocs usability.

  • Non Real-Time Auto-Spider: The non real-time auto-spider has been removed from the portlet selection.
  • FLODocs How to Get Started Link: This link has been removed from Support.
  • Change Management: The items below have been removed.
    • What’s Changed
    • Process Improvement Projects
    • Customizations Not Being Used by Process
    • Customization Not Being Used by Open Change Request
    • Customizations Deleted by Process
    • Customizations Deleted by Open Change Request
    • Resolved Changes
    • Change Request Alerts (This has been turned into a Reminder.)
    • Bundle Updates to Approve (This has been turned into a Reminder.)
  • Customizations: The items below have been removed.
    • Missing Customizations
    • Customizations with Default IDs
    • Customizations with no Active Owner
    • Customizations with no Process
    • Customization Impact Search by Script ID
    • Customizations Expired
    • Customizations Waiting to Re-spider
    • Customizations Change Log
    • Incomplete Customizations
  • Change Logs: The following items have been removed:
    • Script field
    • Originating Change Log
    • Parent
    • Actual Change Date – instead of blank of the same as created, populate with Date created or the actual if different.
  • Change Requests: The items below have been removed:
    • Project
    • Budgeted Costs
    • Budgeted Hours
    • Proposed Process
    • Inactive Customizations
    • Custom (subtab)
    • Controls (subtab)
    • Workflow (subtab)

Version 4.0.2

  • Change Request Approval Script Deployment is available to ALL ROLES to enable initiation of the approval path for customers that add custom access to change requests.
  • Users with Custom roles who create Change Requests were not initiating the Change Request approval process. With this update, custom roles that are assigned FLO licenses will now trigger the approval process.
  • Set-up Preferences now create change logs when there are updates/changes.
  • Change Logs for Managed Bundles are set as compliant when an approved Change Request for that bundle is found. Otherwise, new Managed Bundle Change Requests are created and Change Logs are flagged as Non-Compliant
  • New column added to changes with and without bundles report displaying “Compliant/NonCompliant” values.
  • Environment comparison improvements to tight up comparisons based on saved searches. Prior, when saved searches were used in environment comparison, if the saved search included custitem1, the formula was including any item that started with custitem1, including custitem10, custitem11, etc. This is now corrected to compare only the specific object.
  • Scheduled processes won’t create any new FLO Customization records until the initial spider is run for the first time. Previously, installing the bundle allowed some customizations to be created by scheduled scripts when the scripts ran. Now, no customization records are created prior to running the initial spider.
  • Re-Spider Now is fixed for fields with default values sourced by saved searches. When you have a custom field that is set to have a default value based on a saved search, we were not tracking these search relationships previously. With this update, the Re-Spider Now will include setting this impact.
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