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Version 3.0.X

This page documents FLODocs Version 3.0.X release notes that include fixes and application improvements.


  • Email plugin for change detection without auto-spider
  • Environment comparison improvement for roles comparison
  • Improve change log tracking and alerts for non material changes.


  • Improve change detection
  • Add new capabilities for large workflow spiders
  • Approval process update that simplifies Change request modification


  • Bug fixes
  • Improve change log diff display to increase readability


  • Recently, there are a number of changes in NetSuite’s XML Definition for different record types. Consequently, FLODocs captured these xml changes in the FLO Change Logs.
    FLO Verify NS Non Material Changes workflow was created to spot these kinds of changes and flag them as Non Material Changes. The workflow goes through FLO Change Logs that are Active, Not Closed (status),  with empty Nonmaterial Clearance Reason, created on or after 9/15/2016, and Field Name = XML. It will then compare the old and new XML values of the eligible Change Log by getting the field attributes of the XML nodes, and extracting the mismatched fields from old and new. If the Change Log’s Diff Summary does not contain anything besides the mismatching fields, it will be flagged as a Non Material Change.


  • Consolidate scheduled scripts for easier management
  • Upgraded Auto Spider Portlet
    • Bars turn red if you need to manually re-spider
  • Status Report Improvements


  • Improvements to Environment Comparison


  • Bug fixes
  • Status Report –
  • Installation Setting – group all FLODocs installation data in one location
    • Includes Stop Scripts
    • One location for time restrictions instead of deployment by deployment
      • Start and end time applies to all FLODocs scripts
      • Parameters in specific deployments will override global settings
      • Enable auto archive – in the script parser – archive last version of the script
      • Auto Process Issue – process issue created for every script error
    • Scheduled script queues set – let us know if queues were set for scheduled script – blank when multi queue account and all scripts are in Queue 1
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