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Strongpoint Tab Access

To grant access to a copy of the Strongpoint tab:

  1. Go to Customization in the NetSuite’s main navigation (not the Strongpoint tab).
  2. Choose Centers and Tabs.
  3. Click Center Tabs.
  4. Click Edit next to Strongpoint on the list of tabs.
  5. Edit the Label of the Tab.
  6. Grant access to the appropriate audiences using the Audience subtab. For more details on using this feature, please refer to NetSuite’s Help for details on Role and Tab Access.
  7. Click Save a Copy.

Set Permissions

To set permissions:

  1. Set the Custom Record Permissions within the desired role.

2.  If the user role is under the Classic Center Tab, you can grant access to the tab within the Audience Subtab.

Important note: This access is going to be removed after each bundle update, we recommend creating a copy of the tab to avoid this.

3.  If the role is under any other center than Classic Center OR you want to avoid granting access again after each bundle update, you'll need to:

1)     Go to Customization.

2)     Select Centers and Tabs.

3)     Choose Center Tabs.

4)     Look for the Strongpoint tab. (Classic Center)

5)     Click on Edit.

6)     Choose the desired center you want to add the tab in and apply Save a Copy. (The following uses Engineering center as an example.)

7)    Within the newly copied tab, you will see all the categories. However, NetSuite does not copy the links within, you need to recreate the links you           want in order for them to show within (all of them if necessary).

8)     To do this, you can open the Classic Center Tab in a different tab, go into the different categories and copy the links from there.

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