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Set Up the Auto-Spider and Alerts

After you have run your initial spider, the Strongpoint auto-spider will monitor your account to see if changes to customizations have occurred and if you should re-spider your account. The portlet will execute the auto-spider, which ensures that all changes are captured on an ongoing basis. This is a light scan of the data to determine if there were any changes. Once these changes are detected, you will be reminded when you should re-spider your account.

Set Up the Auto-Spider 

Note: The auto-spider portlet should be installed on all Administrator homepages.

The Auto-Spider Portlet is required to update certain object types in NetSuite. Once triggered via the dashboard portlet, it picks up all the changes on custom objects and will trigger the Strongpoint scheduled scripts to reflect them in the Customization records going back two days. The auto-spider portlet is required in order to update the following object types:

  • Custom Forms
  • Transaction Body Fields
  • Transaction Column Fields
  • Custom Reports 
  • Custom Transactions
  • Custom Segments

To add the portlet to the auto-spider:

  1. Click on Personalize on your homepage.
  2. Select a custom portlet.
  3. Under Set Up, Select the Strongpoint Auto-Spider Portlet (Realtime).

The Auto-spider portlet will trigger when the Administrator logs into their dashboard and should be triggered daily or every other day.  The window should be left open while the gears are spinning.  Any objects not captured by the Auto-Spider Portlet, will be picked up by the Customizations to Re-spider alert below. 

Set up Customizations to Re-Spider Alerts

Strongpoint uses a series of Workflows that reviews the system notes, audit logs and object history to identify when the Customization Record has not been updated. To ensure that Strongpoint is updating the objects in your account, set up the Customizations to Re-spider search to provide alerts to the appropriate people in your company.  If you begin to see many results from this search, please see Too Many Results from Customizations to Re-Spider Search.

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