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Too Many Results from Customizations to Re-Spider Search

There can be situations where Strongpoint is not able to keep your documentation up to date. This can be caused by the Strongpoint scripts being turned off or if the Auto-spider isn’t triggered frequently enough.

If you are receiving a lot of results from the Customizations to Re-spider Search, please take the following steps:

  1. Is the auto-spider deployed? If no, deploy it. If yes, please contact support.
  2. Are the Admins logging in daily for more than a few minutes? This is to ensure that the auto-spider portlet has enough time to run (i.e the gears stop spinning). For larger accounts with many changes this could require if 30 min. If no, proceed to the next step. If yes, please contact support.
  3. Is it possible for the Admin to log daily? If yes, the issue is resolved, if no please go to the next step
  4. Deploy the Email Capture Plug in, which enables the change logs to be created, but does not update the customization record. This ensures that details of any changes are captured See the next session for how to deploy this plug in.
  5. Set up a reminder to manually re-spider based on the frequency of the results from the Customizations to Respider alerts. This will ensure that the Customization Records are updated.
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