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Navigate Strongpoint

There are two ways to access Strongpoint's functionality: Strongpoint Tab Menu and Strongpoint Overview.

Strongpoint Tab Menu

The Strongpoint Tab Menu provides navigation to all the key tools:

Strongpoint Overview

The Strongpoint Overview, the first item on the tab, provides you the following view with all the functionality visible.

Some of Strongpoint’s functionality includes:

  • Strongpoint Support: How to and reference information.
  • Manage Processes: Process record analysis and search capabilities.
  • Process Issues: Search, analyze and track your process issues.
  • Clean up: A set of tools to enable organized account clean up. You can view unused customizations by type and other tools.
  • User Management: Employee related searches to enhance control of your account.
  • Tools: Access to the Spider, ERD view and Process Library (your Top High Level Diagram).
  • Change Management: Create change requests and then manage and track changes.
  • Testing: Develop, organize, track and analyze testing of your processes and customizations.
  • Customizations: Search, manage and analyze your customizations.
  • Script Management: Script analysis and management tools to improve performance.


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