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4. User Management Reports

Flashlight provides a set of reports that give you insight into Employee-related changes and activities. These reports can be access from the Flashlight main menu under the "User Management" menu

Employees with Standards Roles

When new users are onboarded into NetSuite they can be automatically assigned default role permissions. This report provides full transparency into the employees that have standard operational roles.


We recommend that you fully review this report and validate the your employees have the appropriate roles or whether they need a customization role Role (recommended).


Employees with Unused Logins

Admins are often asked to confirm whether employees are logging into NetSuite and using the system. This report summarizes the list of employees who have not logged into NetSuite in the last month.


The Administrator should regularly review the employees that don't use their NetSuite account. This is often an opportunity to make better use of your NetSuite licenses by revoking access to employees who do not need to use the system. By clicking on the employee name you will see the Employee record, and there on the Access tab you can control the access of the actual employee.

Employees Granted Access in the Past Week

This report lists all the Employees that have been recently granted access to NetSuite in the past week.


Inactive Users

This report lists all the Employee Records that are marked as inactive in NetSuite.


This is a very useful report to validate that the off-boarding process has been properly completed for an employee and that his access has been removed. This is also helpful in troubleshooting cases where an employee cannot log into the system due to the employee being marked as inactive in the system.

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