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5. Understanding the Customization Record

A Flashlight Customization Record contains all the information about a given customization in one place, giving you everything you need to know about your objects at your fingertips! Customization Records are created by Flashlight's spider when it documents your account.


In the screenshot above we're looking at a Customization Record for a Scheduled Script. The top section of the Customization Record summarizes the key data about the Object.

  • Base Record:  Displays the parent record. For Saved Searches it displays the Object Type.

  • Owner: Displays the current owner of the record.

  • Description: Displays the description of the record. If the object doesn’t have its description field populated then it can be manually filled by editing this Customization record.

  • Type: Displays the record's NetSuite Object Type.

  • Scriptid: Displays the record’s Script ID.

  • Dependent Objects: Summarizes the related object dependencies by object type. For example, there could be multiple scripts and workflows that depend on this object.

  • Respider Now: This button re-triggers the Spider and updates the documentation for this specific record.

  • Open ERD: Displays the Entity-Relationship diagram centered around this specific record.

  • Go to record: Displays the actual record from NetSuite.

The bottom section of the Customization Record displays comprehensive details about the Object and will vary depending on the type of Object being viewed.

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