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2. Using the ERD

Your whole system is documented in a searchable ERD which allows you to explore your account with ease. The clickable ERD gives you a visual representation of your account and allows you to drill down into the data.  You can see key customization information like the owner and dependencies in a single view, instead of having to go to the history or system notes. 

To access the ERD view:

  1. From the NetSuite main menu, hover over Flashlight --> Tools and click on ERD.
  2. Specify a Record Type, e.g., Customer (Standard Record)


5. Click the Show Record ERD button to generate the diagram.


6. The left side of the screen displays the selected Record Type from step #4

7. Click on any field in the ERD to see:

  • Scriptid: Displays the record’s Script ID

  • Owner: The current owner of the record

  • Data Type: Displays the NetSuite Object Type

  • Open record: Opens the customization record

8. On the right side all Workflows, Forms and Scripts joined to that particular record will be displayed along with its associated metadata.

As you click through the ERD diagram, the associated dependencies will be displayed in the diagram. This allows you to easily understand what customizations are impacted by a given field on the customization record.

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