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1. Using the Spider

While NetSuite is flexible and powerful, your account can quickly become out-of-sync and cluttered with unused or undocumented customizations. Strongpoint’s Flashlight spider creates a searchable database of your customizations and displays them visually.

  • Rapid results in a few days, or faster, with minimal impact on system performance.

  • Automatically catalog all custom fields, scripts, forms, reports, records, workflows and templates.

Manual spider

Flashlight's spider documents your account by analyzing all customizations in the system. It is critical to run the spider on a regular basis to ensure that your account documentation is up-to-date. We recommend running the spider on a weekly basis or more frequently depending on the amount of changes being made to your account. Note that updating your account documentation is much quicker than the first time the spider is run since Flashlight is documenting new or modified customizations since the last spider was run.

The following steps describe how to run the manual spider

  1. From the NetSuite main menu, hover over Flashlight --> Tools and click on Spider.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.57.17.png

  1. You can run the manual spider:
  • In Fast mode: This will update ONLY if there has been changes to the customization records.

  • In Slow mode: This will re-spider ALL customization records.

  • By Record type: A specific record type or several record types can be selected to be updated. The selected record types will be added to an index and Strongpoint’s backend processes will read the index and create customization records, relationships and scripts will be parsed.

Re-spider Now

You can also update the documentation for a specific customization record. Simply press the Re-spider Now on the customization button and your documentation will be updated in real time.

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