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2. Installation and Configuration

Installing the Bundle

Flashlight by Strongpoint is a SuiteApp integrated into NetSuite. The following steps describe how to install the Flashlight bundle into your NetSuite account.

  1. Log into your NetSuite account with the administrator role.

  2. From the NetSuite main menu, hover over Customization -> Suite Bundler, and click on Search & Install Bundles

  3. In the Keywords search field, enter the text Flashlight by Strongpoint and click Search

  4. Click on the Flashlight by Strongpoint bundle from the list to open the Bundle Details page. The Flashlight bundle has the following properties:

    • Bundle ID:  TSTDRV1267182

    • Company Name: FLO PARTNERS INC

5. Click on the Install button. This will start the installation of the bundle.

6. Verify that the installation is complete. In the list of Installed Bundles, the Flashlight bundle will have a green checkmark in the Status column that indicates that the bundle is installed.

Configuring Your Account

Before you can start documenting your system, you need to apply a configuration change to your account that updates the number of rows in list segments. The following steps describe how to accomplish this configuration:

  1. Hover over the Home icon, and click on Set Preferences from the drop down menu

  2. In the Set Preferences screen, scroll down to the Optimizing NetSuite section

  3. Set the value of the NUMBER OF ROWS IN LIST SEGMENTS field to 1000

You are now ready to start using Flashlight to document your account.


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