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What is the time or effort required to use Strongpoint?

A lot less than you would expect. The first phase is to get your complete customization documentation library. All this requires is for the Administrator to install the bundle, press “Start Spider” and let the system run. After a few nights, the system documentation is complete and you can review the results in the Strongpoint Status Report.

We have User Guides and online videos to walk you through Clean Up, Script Analysis and other capabilities. Because Strongpoint creates complete documentation and updates on an ongoing basis with your NetSuite and Salesforce records, you can use the pre-built searches or create your own to get instant visibility into your account. While Strongpoint greatly reduces the amount of time to find information and identify interdependencies, the NetSuite and Salesforce Administrators will still need to do the appropriate due diligence and analysis to ensure their actions are appropriate and safe.

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